Voice actress shares some of her um…. ninja cooking skills

After watching a few of the winter released new anime Koufuku Graffiti some of us must have Japanese Food Withdrawal and crave some sushi or Misu soup. Then trust AnimeFanatika to intensify your craving because we have a titbit of Koufuku Graffiti news.

Asuka Ohgame, the voice actress that plays the role of Kirin Morino is part of a promotional project to promote the new Ending song ‘Egao ni Naru ‘Becoming a smile’ which is performed by her and Rina Sato (Ryo Machiko’s voice artist). The ending song will be released as a single sc on February 25.

To promote the CD, record company Flying Dog released a series of cooking videos on YouTube hosted by Ohgame, and unlike her character Kirin Morino she has um…. interesting cooking ninja skills that is very entertaining to watch (Especially at the end where she tastes her food herself).

Here is the first video where Ohgame is dishing up some dasjimaki tamago (Japanese-style rolled omelette). Please have a look by following the link: http://goo.gl/e89rLH