The Magic of the Maid Café

In many anime series there is always a character dressed as a maid like the Virgo Celestial key in the anime Fairy Tail or entire anime that has maids as a theme like the anime He is my Master and Hanaukyo Maid team La Verite. We have also seen many cosplayers dressed up as maids.

But that is not all!

There is a magical place, mainly found in Japan called a Maid Café. It is a café where waitresses dress in maid costumes and act as servants and treat customers as masters or mistresses as if they are an important person at his or her mansion.

Let’s discuss their costumes. The costumes may vary from café to café but most are based on the costumes of French maids (Composed of a dress, petticoat, pinafore, a matching hair accessory and stockings. Some even wear animal ears!). Some cafes also have cross-dressing males as maids and before you think that sound scary these ladies and gentlemen are chosen on the basis of their appearance being young, attractive and innocent-looking, so a cross-dressing maid looking like Mr.Satan from Dragon Ball Z in a dress is out.

You might wonder what kind of people would go to an establishment like that. Maid cafes cater for mostly male otaku, as well as fanatiks of anime, manga and video games. Mostly people in to moe (pronounced mow-EE) meaning people that adore young and innocent female characters in anime, video games and manga will frequent the café. And don’t think it is just men, maid café attract couples, tourists as well as women.

Maid Café menus are a lot like normal cafes. Patons can offer coffee, tee entrées and dessert, but at maid cafes the maids usually will decorate and cutesify the patron’s order with kawaii designs at the patron’s table. Like using syrup to decorate a heart on a cake or using ketchup to decorate an omelet. It is all part of the experience of the maid pampering her beloved master.

When entering a maid café, a patron is usually greeted “Wlcome home Master” and offered menus. The maid might kneel at the table to stir cream and sugar into the master’s coffee; some café’s even allow maids to spoon-feed their masters! Some also give arm, leg and back massages (only if the patron is fully clothed of course, otherwise the innocent part of the fantasy is ruined.)

Many maid cafes also have rules like patrons are forbidden to ask a maid’s personal contact info, it is also forbidden to touch the maid, stalking her or taking photos of her. Some cafes have options where the master and maid can be photographed and then she decorates the photo by hand.

Cure Maid Café was the first permanent maid café in Akihabara, Tokyo in 2001. Then these sugoi themed cafes became very popular and there are even maid cafes in countries like the Czech republic, France, Mexico, United States and South Korea.

Here is a great article of five maid cafes that they recommend around Akihabara:

Here is a video about a master and mistress in full cosplay clothing visiting a maid café. The quality of the video is not that great but it explains a lot of what to expect at a maid café, so please have a look by following this link: