Bento Bites – Mushi-shi, Gintama & Naruto

Over the weekend there was a lot of chattering going on in the anime scene. AnimeFanatika kept their ears and eyes focus and is bringing you some of the weekend news.

Mushi-shi fanatiks will be happy to learn that a new film called Mushi-shi: The Next Passage has just been confirmed for the Summer Season in 2015. Apparently it will cover the Suzuno Shizuku arc, which is the final two chapters arc of the manga. After two sugoi seasons and two television specials as well as the live action movie this will be an awesome gift to all of us that love the anime. And there is also a rumour that there will be a stage reading by the anime cast actors on stage, next March. That would be awesome to Mushi-shi fanatiks that can make it to the reading.

Also in the news, Gintama fanatiks are in for a treat as well. At the Gintama event at Jump Festa 2015 it was announced that a new series is on it’s way in April 2015. The original anime series premièred in 2006 and continues until 2013 (with a lot of Hiatuses in between). There were also two movies. Well when we hear more of this new series we will update the news, but it is sugoi!

Lastly there was a poster at the Jump Festa 2015 event that revealed that the new Naruto Shippuuden arc would première in January. It is titled ‘Naruto no Senaka ~ Nakama no Kiseki~’ (The Back of Naruto ~ The Miracle of Comrades~). It seems that the anime director Hayato Date is keeping his promise that the anime is continuing even after the manga has ended.

Well, that is a run-down of news in the scene over the weekend, it seems there are some awesome times ahead in the New Year and we can’t wait for all of it to happen.

Featuring our picture is the cast from Gintama, running from their scary landlady as usual.