Anime Winter Releases!

The winter releases are almost here, let’s look at 13 of the most promising anime to be released this January 2015


Absolute Duo (January 4, 2015)
Touru Kokonoe decides to become stronger after losing someone precious to him and enrolls in a special school where people manifest their souls as weapons called Blaze. Two things about it are rather interesting: 1. He ends up living with a beautiful silver-haired girl and 2. Instead of a weapon his Blaze manifests as a shield!



Yuri Kuma Arashi (January 6, 2015)
Once upon a time the asteroid Kumeria exploded and fragments fell to the earth, then a strange occurred, all the bears on the Earth rose up and attacked humanity. Battles raged until a great wall was erected and a state of nonaggression came to pass. Until one day a boy whispered in a girls ear: ‘I am a bear”…


Koufuku Graffiti

Koufuku Graffiti (January 9, 2015)
Ryou, a middle school girl lives by herself and is quite the cook, makes friends with everyone because of her knack of cooking. The word ‘koufuku is a play on two Japanese homonyms – one meaning ‘happiness’, the other ‘appetite’.


Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom (Japanese:Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) (January 10, 2015)
What do you get when a class of misfits tries to kill their new teacher, who happens to be an octopus with super strength and wacky powers? What do you do when your teacher destroys the moon and threatens to destroy the earth? And what if that teacher is actually the best teacher you ever had? Find out these answers in the anime!


Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (January 9. 2015)
Tomoya Aki is a dedicated otaku. One day he finds the girl of his dreams, an instead of asking her out he decides to make a doujin dating simulation game featuring modeled after her. A month later he learns that she is one of his classmates, Megumi Kato…


Psyc0-Pass Movie

Psycho-Pass: The Movie (January 9 2015)
It is four years after the death of Shogo Makishima and the disappearance of Shinya Kōgami, the Japanese government begins to export the “Sibyl System” technology to other countries, spreading it throughout the world. Terrorists are running amok in Japan and it is up to Akane Tsunemori and her team to investigate.


Doamaiger D

Doamaiger D (January 5, 2015)
Daijirō Kyōgoku, is the 15th generation owner of the Kyoto sweets shop Amashōdō. One day, Daijirō discovers a giant robot named Doamaiger D in his store’s basement. At the same time, enemies called “Mekaijū appear in Kyoto hell-bent on creating havoc.


Seiken Tsukai no World break

Seiken Tsukai no World break (January 12, 2015)
The story plays off in Akane Gakuen, a private school for students called ‘Savior’, (people who have the memories of their previous life). They all have amazing magical abilities and only they can stop Itansha (mysterious monsters) appearing from nowhere. A new transfer student, Motoha Haimura seems to have the memories of two previous lives and meets two girls at the school that shared them with him, one was his sister and the other his wife!!!!



Aldnoah.Zero Season 2 (January 11, 2015)
In alternate universe the Apollo 17 mission found a hypergate to Mars on the moon in 1972. Soon many humans colonized Mars and started to call themselves ‘Martians’.   Mars and Earth after a while, as is expected between humans, started a war and in the war the hypergate and the moon were destroyed and a cease-fire established. Aldnoah.Zero season 2 continues the story.


Durarara!!X2 Shou (January 10, 2015)
Yes, season 2 is here and it is set 6months after the first season. After the turmoil that struck the city of Ikebukuro, peace has returned, people are living out their normal lives again… but normal will soon become abnormal again as unknown forces are set to have the city in thrall again…


tokyo ghoul 2

Tokyo Ghoul:re (Tokyo Ghoul √A) (January 9, 2015)
Those who watched season 1 will remember that it is set in Tokyo, and the populace are filled with fear as the city is ‘haunted’ by ghouls killing people and eating their flesh. Kaneki, a very normal college student asks Rize, a beautiful bookworm like him on a date at his favourite café, and little does he know that it will change his life forever and his fate crosses with those of the ghouls. Yes season 2 is back, with a new main character, and new exciting story.



Death Parade (January 10, 2015)
Two men. One young and one old in a strange mysterious bar fated to play a game where their lives hang in the balance. The game is billiard and the have to bet for their lives….

Preview: Not yet available


Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha (January 8, 2015)
Toujo Basara’s life is turned upside down when his father announced that he is going to get married. Then he departs to go overseas leaving poor Basara with two gorgeous stepsisters. It also turns out they are a demon-lord and succubus and tries to trap him into a contract. In a twist of fate they botch the contact up and instead of making him their servant, Basara ends up with two demonic beauties as his slaves….