Charaben Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake EXTRA

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most popular anime characters of all times. He appeared originally for the first time in the Naruto manga’s third chapter and in the Naruto anime series’ third episode. Also known as Kakashi Of The Sharingan, he became one of the most talked about anime characters in the anime scene. His ability to copy other ninjas’ skills with his Sharingan makes him a formidable foe to every enemy and it is not surprising that his name means ‘Scarecrow’ in Japanese since he can put the fear of death in foes, even if he has a gentleness to him.

Kakashi always places third when polls are held on who the most popular character is in the anime so the people who made his figurine took special care when it was been created. Let us have a look and see if they pulled it off. We take a look at the Kakashi Hatake EXTRA figurine.

Name: Kakashi Hatake EXTRA
Release Date: February 28, 2015
Size: 22,0 cm
Material: PVC
Weight: 510 g
Scale: 1/10
Product Line: X-tra von Tsume
Anime/Manga/Game: Naruto
Artists: Cyril Farudja (sculptor), William Hemery (Painter)
Category Anime PVC Figurines
Let’s be honest, Kakashi looks super sugoi showing off his Ninjutsu Chidori (Meaning a thousand birds). He is captured in mid battle and we feel sorry for the poor baka that will be at the receiving end of the lightning effect of his Chidori (which is made of blue transparent PVC). Looks as if it is active and not frozen. The figurine designer is definitely worthy of high praise for that.

The figurine’s pose is in full attack and there are no openings in his stance, so even this reviewer cannot attack such perfect form with critique. Kinetics and the force of gravity were taken in consideration here making the figurine look even more striking.

Overall: A definite 9

Paint Job – 9
The figurine’s painting and use of color are spot-on.

Sculpting – 9
The sculptor really made Kakashi look alive and gave extra care to detail. The lines of his body look very kinetic as if that Chidori is on it’s way to make a hole in someone’s chest.

Design – 9
Look at the pose; the use of physics in the design and the way the Ninjutsu comes alive. It is totally a masterpiece

Display Worth – 9
Definitively worth having this piece of art in any collection and will look very at home in any private collection


It needs to be in my collection, I can hear this figurine calling me. It wants to come home. On a serious note, there is not much to complain here, it is a perfect representation not just of a well-loved character, but also the Jutsu is done in a way that makes the figurine look alive as if he just leapt out of an anime episode.

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