Attack on Titan: freaky news and interesting facts

We have two interesting Attack on Titan stories to share and we bet the interesting picture caught your eye.
But first, let’s start with the interesting fact: It seems the city government of Hita City in Oita Prefecture in Northern Kyushu bestowed the title of ‘Tourism Friendship Ambassador to the “Beautiful Riverside Location of Hita” to Hajime Isayama, creator of the manga Attack on Titan. It seems Isayama grew up in Daisen-cho town within Hita City!

This happened at the “Shingeki no Satogaeri” (or Attack on Returning Home) event held in the town in the beginning of November. At the Patria Hita cultural hall the city mayor of Hita City, Keisuke Harada handed Isayama the letter of appointment to the tourism ambassador position.

Isayama mentioned during the event that his hometown and surrounding mountains were part of the inspiration for some of the scenery in his manga.

Now the freaky news! It seems there is a Marvel and Attack on Titan crossover in the works. It also is the reason for the sugoi picture we shared here. The Marvel Comic talent scout C.B. Cebulski announced it on Monday that in the next two weeks the Attack on Titan manga and the Marvel Universe will definitely do a cross over. He did not elaborate on the project but imagine an anime is born from that idea. In the world of Anime, Manga and Comics everything is possible. And it is because…

According to a Tokyo-based pop culture magazine, Brutus the crossover will be a ‘What if’ comic and will be about the Avengers from Marvel fighting it out with the Female Titan in New York! Sounds sugoi.

He tweeted a lot on the idea actually and here is a link to one of the tweets:

Let us speculate on how a Spiderman vs. Female Titan scenario will work out, here are scenes from the Attack on Titan anime as well as a Spiderman Movie to put our imaginations in overdrive. Bear in mind that both videos have scenes of violence so viewer discretion is advised:
Attack on Titan (Mikasa vs the Female Titan):
Spderman (Spiderman vs. Doctor Octopus):

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