Bunka no Hi, Culture Day in Japan

Today it is Bunka no Hi, the Japanese Culture Day and we are taking a look into this National Holiday. This holiday not only celebrate the announcement of the Japanese constitution, after the war in November 3 1946, it is also all about promoting culture and arts and includes art exhibitions, parades, and award ceremonies for outstanding scholars as well as artists, all over Japan. It is a festival that we as Westerners might think of implementing in our countries, since the arts are not as celebrated as we used to celebrate them in Centuries past, wouldn’t you agree?

Even primary and secondary schools celebrate by holding their bunkasai (annual culture festival) on/or near Bunka No Hi, during which time schools are open for public visits to experience the school’s ambiance. All students must attend this and they display their club activities (like the Tennis Club, Manga Club, Igo Club and Astrology Club as we have seen in anime like Prince of Tennis, School Rumble, Hikaru no Go and Brynhildr in the Darkness respectively), or they transform classrooms into restaurants or Cafes (Like in the anime Shuffle) or perform concerts and dances.

For anime fanatiks like us, this festival will be surreal when we visit Japanese schools, since we have seen similar scenes in anime. Tonight I am sure many of us will watch anime and might just see some school club in an anime get up to their antics.

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Featuring our picture are some of the Characters from School Rumble enjoying the Sakura leaves falling