Forest of the Last Moment

There are many dark mysterious but beautiful places in the world that we do not understand. There is a bridge in Scotland where dogs go to commit suicide and some even crawl back up to jump again if they do not succeed. We do not know why this happens, but since today is Halloween and it is all about honoring the dead and ghostly tales. We thought we would share a mysterious place in Japan with you.

Aokigahara (known as the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees), is a 35-square-kilometer beautiful forest at the northwest base of Mount Fuji. It is a quiet forest, due to an absence of wildlife, and a popular tourist destination because of its caves. However there is darkness over this beautiful place…

Throughout history, people in the area believed the forest to be a place where demons reside and it is also a popular place where people go to commit suicide. Well-meaning people have placed signs in the forest like “Please, life is precious, do not take your own life,” or “Think of those who want you to live” but sadly people still end their lives there. It has become a Forest of the Last Moment where people live the last moments of their lives, ending it too soon.

Up to 105 bodies were found there over the course of 2003, and 108 in 2004 and recently these numbers have been kept from the public hoping it would down play the forest’s association with suicide. Most of these suicides are hangings and drug overdoses

The poor forest is cursed, not by demons, or a god, but by people going there to end their lives. Now its beauty is forever marred by it’s undeserving reputation, and countless lives ended too soon.

If you read this and are thinking of committing suicide, please remember this: If you are feeling lost or forgotten, there is always somebody that thinks you are special. Talk to a trusted friend or family member. If all else fails, call your nearest helpline in your area. Life is just too good to end.
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