Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope update

Remember we had an article about the free live-action web series based on the History of Trunks TV Special back in March this year? (Refresh your memory here: http://goo.gl/wF8Xyx).


As you know, they planned to make the Light of Hope movie’s story as close as they could to the original story-line and characters in the Anime TV Special. They wanted to created something sugoi that represents the hope of ever DBZ fan in the world and for this live action series to be a tribute to the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise, Akira Toriyama.

Well, they just released another trailer and we have to admit the live action version look pretty close so far. With a very hot actress playing the female android, Android 18 to boot! Take a look at the following trailers and see for yourself!

Trailer 3 (Newest) : http://goo.gl/VHmxvP
Trailer 2 : http://goo.gl/mTJXtJ
Trailer 1 : http://goo.gl/ujAZS4