Jeepers Creepers! This is creepy!

Since October is the month where many people, even the Japanese, celebrate Halloween we decided to share some creepy anime intros and outros with you, and get a little creepy for a change. Yes, anime isn’t just all kawaii (cute) and beautiful, there are really freaky stuff out there for horror fanatiks too. We jump into the dark psyche of music and animation this week. Those who are brave enough might just survive this menu of creepy music we have prepared for you, come, read and dare to look or listen with us.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
The anime opening song, named after the anime and sung by Eiko Shimamiya, sounds quite beautiful, but where the animation starts off beautifully it then goes in deeper and it becomes darker. It is a freaky horror anime and that intro is a promise that all in not sunshine and roses in the little town of Hanamizawa. Have a look at the intro… if you dare:

Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight is a well-loved anime that is dark and beautiful, playing off at a school where at days normal students walk the walls and at night, vampires. It is not as disturbing as a certain sparkly vampire story it is better. The ending song ‘Still Doll’ by Kanon Wakeshima is spine-chillingly gorgeous but can be scary after an intense episode of Vampire Knight. We have the original artist’s video here for you and it is quite artistic. Listen to this and decide for yourself:

Paranoia Agent
The anime itself is disturbing, dealing with a kid with a baseball bat attacking people, but with an interesting twist: it changes the victims in interesting and even positive ways. The intro animation is creepy: lots op people standing and laughing, like an old man laughing happily, standing on the moon while earth is devastated by war; two boys laughing happily in the midst of a flood… you get the picture… even the song “Dream Island Obsessional Park’ by Susumu Hirasawa might creep you out, especially thanks to the intro animation. If you think you can stomach it, have a look here:

This song, Pendulum by Takanashi Yasuharu is not an opening or ending but it certainly makes the list. Shiki is one of the best vampire anime out there and this song really crawls down your spine. The anime itself is a lot like Stephen King’s book ‘Salem’s Lot where new people move into a little hamlet in the country and people start to disappear or get stricken down with a strange illness and die only to return from the grave… Listen to this:

This song from the Anime hospital thriller Monster, will have you cower in fear. It is Sweet Home, by Kuniaki Haishima and there is nothing sweet about it. It sounds like something you will hear in your mind when visiting that funny aunt in your family with the disgusting kisses and the smell of mothballs in her house… (Shiver). If you want to relive your creepy aunt, listen to this:

Ghost Hunt
Ghost Hunt is a spooky anime but it is very addictive and enjoyable. There is one song however that brought a creepy atmosphere to it, the song Genshou by Masuda Toshio. Would you listen to this song in the dark…. Follow the link and hear it out:

This anime is about a boy that is transferred to a school full of mystery and murder (And we are not talking homework). The opening song ‘Kyomu Densen,’ is sung by the band ALI PROJECT, known for creepy content in their art. We share the original music video by the band with you. If you have a fear of dolls (like a certain member of AnimeFanatika) this video might scare you too. Watch it if you dare….

The Creepiest of them all
We have left the two creepiest for last… First off we have the song ‘Hana ~ a last flower’ by ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY from the anime Aku no Hana. This song will have you looking for your mommy if you hear it in the dark….

The last one is the scariest and it will be one you will never forget. Prepare yourself, this is the creepiest scariest song ever and it is not from an anime, the band is Inugami Circus Dan and you will know the song, but this version will chill you to the very edge of your being:

That is all for now, but watch this space because before 31 October there just might be more Halloween inspired articles we will… scare up for you.