Vampire Knight returns as musical!

Remember the manga Vampire Knight and the two anime that followed Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty? I am sure many of us were glued to the screen watching as the plot unfolded at the Cross Academy. For those who do not know the anime here is a little information:
The main protagonist is Yuki Cross, a human girl, whose earliest memory is about a stormy night in winter, ten years ago, when a vampire attacked her and she was rescued by another vampire named Kaname Kuran. Everything before that night is a blur and she cannot remember. Yuki is the adoptive daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, a school for human students by day and vampire students at night.
Now it was announced that this popular anime is slated to become a musical and the musical will be performed at Hakuhinkan Theatre in Tokyo from January 21 to 25 in 2015!
The cast will only be announced in December but we already found out that Shinnosuke Motoyama, who choreographed Macross the Muicalture (2012) will direct the musical using a script by Koji Tokuo.

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