L casted for Death Note Musical

As fanatiks of the anime Death Note knows, the anime is about a teenager named Light that finds a notebook that has the power to kill people by writing their names in it. As long as the writer knows how the person look and has the intended victims name, he can be killed. Light starts a crusade against criminals and of course the police starts looking for this vigilante that can kill a person without being near its victim.

Death Note is based on a manga and after the anime two live-action movies followed. The anime has a cult following and as such it is not a surprise that it now boasts with its own musical. We have reported on the musical before and we are back with more news.

Teppei Koike (Gokusen, Love*Com the Movie) will play the prodigy detective L! He will now share the stage alongside Kenji Urai (Sailor Moon musical) and Hayato Kakizawa (Crows Explode)

Frank Wildhorn, who composed songs for Whitney Houstan and Natalie Cole is scoring the musical while Tamiya Kuriyama is directing. The rest of the cast is still to be announced to keep watching this space for more news.

Read here for more detail: http://goo.gl/bE87HT