Hornets, a sting in the tale

Recently in Episode 3 of the new Summer 2014 anime release Sabagebu! The characters of the Survival Game Club were fighting a nest of hornets with their BB guns and after seeing that I thought of looking into Hornets in Japan and found out that they are quite dangerous.

It seems that the Japanese Giant Hornet (osuzumebachi) is quite fearsome. These little monsters grow to approximately 5 centimeters (that is 2 inches long) and can fly up to 40 kilometers (25 mph) per hour!

These killers attack any bee colonies they can find and the normal European Honey bee will not stand a chance against them as the hornets have thick armor that is impenetrable.
20 giant hornets can kill off as many as 25,000 honeybees in a few hours!

Japanese honeybees however have a defense strategy against these bakemono (monster in English) hornets. The bees counter attack in groups, surrounding the hornets and beat their wings with vigor to generate heat, creating a heat ball (46 degrees Celsius or 115 Fahrenheit) that the giant hornet can’t survive.

These hornets can kill humans, 40 people die yearly due to anaphylactic shock due to hornet attacks but before we all panic, these hornets are not aggressive unless they feel threatened. Their venom is not more poisonous that a regular bee or hornet’s, even if they do inject more venom per sting.

The stings are painful and require hospital treatment and the pain is the equivalent of pain experienced when being shot by a nail gun.
Also these hornets attack in groups making them very scary.

It is interesting to know that in remote areas of Japan there are people fighting back against these bakemono but doing the ultimate revenge, you see Fried Giant Hornet is quite a delicacy there…

Apart from the Sabagebu! anime another reference to hornets in anime is the Beedrill Pokémon. Beedrill as all Pokémon fanatiks will remember is a Poison as well as Bug type Pokémon with abilities like Swarm, Sniper and Hidden Ability too. In the anime Ash captured a Beedrill in the Bug-Catching Contest and he gave it to Casey because she is a huge fan of yellow and black Pokémon. There are more appearances, but this one is major to the story-line as Casey is an important character.

We have prepared a special horror movie for you to watch, about Hornets waging war against some bees… Watch if you dare: http://goo.gl/4m2E8t

Here is a tutorial video that teaches us how to draw a Beedrill Pokémon: http://goo.gl/bs7TBM