First Parasyte anime preview

We have talked about this before: Hitoshi Iwaaki’s manga Parasyte that is soon to become two live-action movies as well as an anime series (Anime series will start broadcasting in October).

As a reminder, Parasyte is about 17 year old Shinichi Izumi, that starts a symbiotic relationship with an alien that tried to bore into Izumi’s brain but stopped by Izumi’s headphones ended up in his right hand.

Madhouse Productions brings us this exciting anime which is directed by Kenichi Shimizu (director of Avenger Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher)

In other news it seems that voice actor Sadao Abe will voice the alien parasite, Migi in the two live-action movie versions. The first live-action movie will open in Japanese theaters on November 29th and the second in 2015.

Here is the official first preview of the anime: