“What if Gundam is real?”

It is a question I am sure many of us fantasized about. A team Japanese Robotic Engineers and animators announced that they are indeed going to build a real-life 18 meter Gundam Robot!!!!
Well, we did already prove that the Japanese can build robots in our article Soul of the Robot (Article link: http://goo.gl/jzCd3C)

A thrilled Yoshiyuki Tomino, creator of the original Gundam anime series said:” When I created Gundam 35 years ago. I used my imagination freely because it wasn’t real”

Well science Fiction have this nice habit of becoming real… Like Jules Verne writing about submarines before they were invented. Here is a link to proof the point even more: http://goo.gl/i8Oab0

Makes one think, does it not? We wonder what anime invention might become a reality next …

For more on this awesome project read here: http://goo.gl/wpxJUj