Review of Toki wa Meguru ~ Tokyo Station

Our regular readers might remember our article ‘Tokyo Train Station gets anniversary anime’ on March 28th this year. (Article link: It was about the special anime ‘Toki wa Meguru ~ TOKYO STATION’ (Time Flows – Tokyo Station) that was created in celebration for the station’s 100th year anniversary. Well the anime is here.

We took a look at the short anime. As promised the anime features the song ‘Toki wa Meguru’ (Time Flows) by Yu Sakai. The song is quite beautiful. The animation ans well as combined efforts of the voice actress gives you goosebumps. This is a must see and we at AnimeFanatika are proud to give you the link to watch the whole five-minute anime. Yes, it was released for ALL to enjoy!

Watch this sugoi anime here: