Evangelion and Japanese Sword exhibit in France and Spain

The Japan Foundation (Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris) as well as Museo ABC (Spain) and the Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum presented a European tour of a set of Evangelion inspired updates on traditional Japanese swords on June 21 and this exhibit will then move to Museo ABC in Madrid, Spain from July 5 to September 28.

This awesome display includes swords and lances inspired by Evangelion, swords from the Kamakura to Edo period of Japan as well as life-sized figures and reproductions of the original drawings from Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition and much more.

To read more on this venue, follow this link: http://goo.gl/6nKXwZ

A nice video covering the French event, it is in French, but visually it gives you a great idea what to expect: http://goo.gl/GPoyPK

Also, read our article on sword myths in Japan: http://goo.gl/iIg6GD