Gundam Build Fighters season 2 on its way!!!!

To all of us that have Gundam Build Fighters- withdrawal (a serious condition) and wants more there is great news coming our way. Season 2 is on its way.

The official website for this hit series announced that by posting the words “GUNPLA BATTLE NEXT FIGHTERS STANDBY” and mysteriously added nothing to the announcement.

Gundam Build Fighters the first season was aired in Japan in October last year and ran until March this year. It boosted a lot of sales of model kits of the famous battle suits from different series in the franchise.

For those who do not know the anime yet it is set in the near future where tournament are held where plastic miniature robot models (Gunpla) fight are held and it is popular all over the world. Sei Iori is a talented school student and son of a model shop owner that loves to build Gunpla and is quite good at it. He finds a mysterious boy, Reiji to help him fight at battle tournaments. A lot like Angelic Layer, another great anime.

Check out our news source, the Gundam Build Fighters website for more: