Golden Week

Golden week is a collection of four national holidays happening within seven days. It is one of Japan’s busiest holidays besides New Years Day and the Obon week. Many Japanese citizens take paid leave for that week, and some companies also closes down completely and give their employees time off. Golden Week is the longest vacation period of the year for many.

Days celebrated in Golden Week:
Showa Day (Showa on hi) April 29th:
This day is the birthday of former Emperor Showa, who died in 1989. Before 2007. April 2007 was known as Greenery Day (Which is now Celebrated on May 4th).

Constitution Day (Kenpo Kinenbi) May 3rd:
A national holiday celebrating the new constitution that came in effect in 1947 after World War 2.

Greenery Day (Midori no hi) May 4th:
This day is dedicated to the environment and nature, because the emperor loved plants and nature. This day used to be celebrated on April 29th until 2006.

Children’s day (Kodomo no hi) May 5th:
The Boy’s festival (Tango no Sekku) is celebrated on this day. Families pray for their son’s health and future success by hanging up streamers and displaying samurai dolls, both to symbolize strength, power and success in life.

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