Dragon Ball Z Kai gossip hits the Anime scene

According to a story leaked, the April issue of V Jump Magazine reveals that Dragon Ball Z Kai is returning to retell the Majin Buu arc on Fuji TV. Die hard Fanatiks will know that Dragon Ball Z Kai was launched in 2009 at the same time as the series’ 20th anniversary. Dragon Ball Z Kai ended its original run in March 2011, but the final episode was not aired due to an earthquake and tsunami that happened.

In a recent interview with Christopher Sabbat, the voice of Vegeta he said: “I’ve seen the article that the DBZ Kai Buu arc has been announced in Japan and that is great news. There’s still no word as to whether the dub is happening in the United States or not.”

According to Sabbat there is still no announcement about Kai in the US and he said that the Buu arc has not been recorded even though there is rumours that Sean Schemmel who plays Goku’s voice, said in April 2013 that he is about to finish the Buu saga for DBZ Kai.

Now we wonder if Mr. Schemmel said that because fans might have been pestering him on when and if the Buu Saga will be done or finished? One can but speculate, but hey according to V Jump the anime is on it’s way and back on screen soon.

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